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The autoguider works, eventually!

Well, last Monday wasn't the ideal night for astrophotography as it was a bit hazy. Nevertheless, I took the scope out as I needed to sort out some issues.

My main concern was getting the Orion Starshoot Autoguider to work. It turned out that the problems I had with the autoguider were due to the fact that I hadn't installed the drivers properly. The OSA worked flawlessly throughout the night and I let my setup working on its own for 3 hours.

This is what I found early in the morning when I went to set down my equipment.
The dew shield made of foam card  and velcro strips (Hobbycraft -£2) that I had improvised seemed to work really well with my guiding scope and I am now considering making another one for my ED80. If it works fine I might not need a dew controller after all.

However, not everything was good news. I found out that, just as with my SPC 880, the Orion Starshoot Autoguider won't focus to infinity with my Stellavue F50 finder. I had to use a 2X barllow for that, which obviously limits my choice of guiding stars with a reduced field of view. I have  now ordered an adapter from Modern Astronomy to see if I may be better off guiding through my standard Skywatcher 9X50 finder.

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