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Breakthrough in dual astro-terrestrial camera

Well, after working for a while on my last project, I have managed to access the firmware of the Canon 1100D (Rebel T3) to change the firmware so that the camera can compensate automatically for the shift in colour created by the BCF corrector filter. Now when the DSLR is used in any of the automatic camera modes, as well as Auto WB and Auto ISO, the camera will produce colour corrected, realistic, daylight terrestrial pictures without any further post processing or any need for a custom white balance.

As far as I know, nobody is offering this modification so it will go on sale worldwide in the next few days and we'll see the reception of this possibility. 

Because a second hand canon 1100D is similar in price to a new camera, I will offer this mode with new cameras; with and without the  18-55mm EF-S lens. They will go on sale for £399 and £440 respectively and the price accounts for the £53  Baader corrector filter.

I'm showing two pictures underneath. One of them was taken by a stock unmodified Canon EOS 1100D. The other picture was taken by a Baader modified astrocamera with this firmware enhancement. Can you tell the difference?


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